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Trouble Editing

Maria Preciado Paredes 8 months ago • updated by Carla White 8 months ago 5

I have an iPhone X iOS 11.2.5. Whenever I try to edit what I have already written the screen cuts off and I can’t see my list :(


Can attach photos to posts

Steve 8 months ago • updated by Carla White 8 months ago 1


I’m having problems attaching images to nearly all recent posts. The function tool bar at the bottom isn’t coming up. I have reinstalled app. The only variable is that i have upgraded to iPhone X. Please advise





lisa knight 12 months ago • updated by carla 11 months ago 6

I’m really enjoying using the app but the location issues are still a problem. I want to be able to log location and at the moment it keeps saying Hilton Head. I’ve tried all the suggested ideas and so don’t think that it is device related. 


Can’t add picture to post

Dosborne08 8 months ago • updated by Carla White 8 months ago 4

Is this happening to anyone else? I can’t add pictures to my post since the last update. I have the X.

Under review

PDF Export - more than 1 day per page

Michal P Hartlinski 10 months ago • updated by carla 10 months ago 1

Currently 1 day = 1 page to print. Can we get maybe an option for having more than just 1 day per page? Printing 1 month is 30 pages, that's quite a big stack of paper :) And a year? :)

Under review

App crashing when I try to edit latest day

Chris 1 year ago • updated by carla 1 year ago 5

iOS 10.3.3 on iPhone 6

When I try to edit the current/latest day, as soon as I hit the edit icon, the app hangs for about 2 seconds then crashes. 

Under review

Hi Carla, will the app work without being connected to the internet? Please advise, thank you.

mario 12 months ago • updated by Carla White 8 months ago 3

Location issues on ios11

boreasgirl 1 year ago • updated by slowGeorge 12 months ago 28

The app won’t take my location on iOS11. Can’t find it in the list of apps using the location either. Please fix this!

Under review

Buddies feature?

Mike 8 months ago • updated by carla 8 months ago 1

I'm new to the Mojo/Gratitude app, but decided to purchase and use it because I am very interested to do gratitude journaling with a buddy (my wife).  As far as I can tell, none of the other journaling apps have this feature, but I have found that my favorite feature of the Bible app I use is the ability to do devotionals with other users.  Being able to share my thoughts with my close friends and read their thoughts is very uplifting, but more importantly, I feel an important sense of obligation to participate that helps build and reinforce the habit of doing it.  Since the true power of gratitude journaling is unlocked when it becomes habitual, I am eager to take advantage of a buddy feature with the Mojo/Gratitude app.  I'm happy to use the app on my own for now and get in the groove of using it, but it would be great to hear what the plans are for the buddy feature and what the time table might be for its arrival.  I totally realize that development can be difficult to forecast, but I hope this comment is helpful to know that folks are out here looking forward to it.


We need landscape mode !

Marcy 8 months ago • updated by Carla White 8 months ago 1

please add landscape mode, portrait is so limiting and so I don’t use this app as much as I should.