Can’t add picture to post

Dosborne08 2 years ago updated by Carla White 2 years ago 4

Is this happening to anyone else? I can’t add pictures to my post since the last update. I have the X.

I cannot add pictures either. Just text. I’m on iPhone X. This issue started a few days back

Hopefully  they will update and fix this bug shortly.  The pictures is one the of the reasons I like this app a lot.

Pictures  don’t work  in my X either. Also, if I  go back to edit post, I have a large white box over first entries so I can’t see what I’m typing. Have to delete and start over.

Sorry about the delay. I've been spending all my time in the app. Is this still an issue? I've released a couple of updates so it should be fixed. Let me know if it isn't!