lisa knight 3 years ago updated by carla 3 years ago 6

I’m really enjoying using the app but the location issues are still a problem. I want to be able to log location and at the moment it keeps saying Hilton Head. I’ve tried all the suggested ideas and so don’t think that it is device related. 

Under review

Yes, I think it's a Europe problem...not sure as I'm unable to reproduce the issue. I know that many people had location access turned off on their device...it's really hard one to pin down but I'm looking into it and will get it resolved.


no, the issue is that your app never manages to get location permissions. The screen just stays as a gray overlay, sometimes an arrow, but the location permissions dialog never appears. 

I’m having he same issue. And it’s not showing up in my location services. And when I got into the app it won’t wven direct me to settings and there is a yellow triangle caution sign under setting under  in the app 

my location also says Hilton Head and will not update to the accurate location. 

I am having same issue


The fix is in the next release, due out this Friday!!