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Jaye Tyler 1 year ago • updated by carla 8 months ago 3

I'm not sure how it's supposed to work but nothing seems to come up in the widget? Thank you! 

Not a bug

Lists disappearing

mtpennycooke 1 year ago • updated by carla 1 year ago 5

hi there:

I log entries every night as part of my evening routine. Twice recently when I have gone to enter I found the previous day's entry is gone. It happened on June 11th and on June 5th. Am I missing something to ensure that my entries stick around? I am 100% certain I recorded entries on both days and now they are gone. Thanks for your help so I don't lose any entries going forward. Thank you. 


Mojo doesn't ask me to import gratitude history

Eli 1 year ago • updated by carla 1 year ago 4

I haven't used gratitude journal in a while, but now that I have updated my phone, I've rediscovered it and switched to Mojo. Unfortunately after signing up with either twitter, Facebook or email, the app never asks me to import my history. I'm sure I never used a different email address. 

Any ideas for a solution? 


Change my email address

Drew 1 year ago • updated by carla 1 year ago 1

Hello, I'm closing my current email address and using a new one. How do I update my account with the new email address? I don't want to create a new account and lose all my history 

carla 1 year ago

Go to settings --> email --> and enter a new email address.


Carla xx


Printing and saving.

2Tall 1 year ago • updated by carla 1 year ago 1

would like to save entries and print eventually. 


Lost gratitude entries

julie.a.hatton 1 year ago • updated by carla 1 year ago 5

Hi Carla, love the app! 

I downloaded the new app and said yes to transferring all my previous entries.  They never appeared... I have deleted and added again as per some info on the forum , but still nothing.

The verision now is 1.7.1? 

Please help... thank you :) 


I had paid for Gratitude, I have to pay again for Mojo?

SuzyBee 1 year ago • updated by carla 1 year ago 2

Lost Gratitude Journal entries?

Lex 1 year ago • updated by carla 1 year ago 3

Hi Carla, I got the new Mojo app today and it asked if I wanted to transfer everything from my Gratitude App. I said yes but it didn't transfer anything. I'm a little concerned, because when I go to the Grattitude App it just shows me a link for Mojo. Have I lost my entries? 


Android Version

svnakama 1 year ago • updated by carla 10 months ago 5

Hi -  I have been a user of the gratitude journal for a while now and have loved it. This new one looks even more fun and I am excited to use it. I was wondering though, if you will ever make an Android version of your Mojo app?