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Hi Carla, will the app work without being connected to the internet? Please advise, thank you.

mario 3 years ago updated by Carla White 2 years ago 3
Under review

No...you need to be connected to the internet for it to save your entries.




Hi, this has been a problem for me, too - I travel a lot and don't always have access to cell or internet connectivity, and can't even get the app to proceed past the splash screen if there's no connectivity. 

It would be really helpful (and is the expected interface behavior, actually) if the app would simply launch per usual when there's no connection and allow you to save a local copy of your entry, and just upload it when connectivity is reestablished. 

For instance, on a flight from LAX to Singapore, the in-flight wifi wasn't working so that was two days worth of entries that I couldn't make (it's a long flight and it crosses the date line), and I totally forgot to go back and re-do them.

Hi Zero -

The app doesn't work offline. I've tried to add this in before and it was so buggy...more people lost entries than anything else. Paper and pencil and enter them in later (you can tap the date icon in the compose screen and change the date). It's always good to reflect on your entires more than once anyway! xx