Trouble Editing

Maria Preciado Paredes 2 years ago updated by Carla White 2 years ago 5

I have an iPhone X iOS 11.2.5. Whenever I try to edit what I have already written the screen cuts off and I can’t see my list :(

same here, when I have a text with one page long I can’t edit it (iPhone X)

Thanks for letting know! It’s frustrating...I rarely use the app anymore. 

I'm having the same problem with my iPhone X too :-( super frustrating because there are many days when I forget something and want to add it later...

I have the same problem. Which is frustrating. Been using this for years and was very proud to have an entry for everyday and now I can’t edit or go back and it’s messed that all up and my streak is broken :(

Sorry about the delay. I've been spending all my time in the app. Is this still an issue? I've released a couple of updates so it should be fixed. Let me know if it isn't!