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App crashing when I try to edit latest day

Chris 3 years ago updated by carla 3 years ago 5

iOS 10.3.3 on iPhone 6

When I try to edit the current/latest day, as soon as I hit the edit icon, the app hangs for about 2 seconds then crashes. 

Under review

Thanks Chris! I noticed this as well. It's from the new "photo scroll" feature. And shouldn't be too hard to fix!

Carla :)


I think I have the same issue. The app crashes when I try to edit. 

Thanks Rayna - Yes, I haven't released the fix yet. I'm working on a few other fixes before releasing. So it will be another week or two. Thanks for your patience...I'm so sorry about this!!!!


I just bought the app today and was excited to use it. After recording several entries, it started crashing too when I tried to edit today's entry. I even deleted the photos I had attached in case it may be related to that. No luck. I hope you are able tofix this soon. Thank you.

Hi Mary Anne - This bug isn't fixed yet. It will still be a couple of weeks as I'm rolling out a number of fixes together. Thanks for being so cool about it!