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Not a bug

App doesn't open

Tim 9 months ago • updated by carla 1 month ago 3

in latest version app just hangs on splash screen. iPhone 7 iOS 10.3.2


Are old entries still available for import?

canat 18 hours ago 0

Just noticed the new app description says old entries are only available until Dec2017?


text message

heather.l.rossi yesterday at 1:02 p.m. 0

hello!  I used to be able to share my daily list via text message by clicking "share".  When I do that now, it takes me to text messages, but fails as I start to type the person's name in the "to" field.  The work around is to complete my daily list, then re-open it and share again.  I am wondering if anyone else is having this issue!


Merging emails

melissabanyots 1 day ago 0

Hello! Between the old app and the new one I changed emails. I signed up with my new (gmail) account. Can I still get my archived entries from my old email? Since the old email isn’t active (it was with our old cable company) I was afraid That if they had to send any verification questions, I wouldn’t get them. Is there anything that I can do? Thank you so much! I do love this app!


We need landscape mode !

Marcy 3 days ago 0

please add landscape mode, portrait is so limiting and so I don’t use this app as much as I should. 


Disconnecting Facebook

mags927 2 weeks ago 0

I am trying to find my old account and entries, the app has me logged in though Facebook and my email address. I do not want to be logged in under Facebook at all, but it will not let me disconnect Facebook. Can you offer help? 

Under review

Wasn't able to create a log in or log in with my email address from previous app.

Leila 3 weeks ago • updated by carla 2 weeks ago 4
Under review

Entries not saving

Mona 3 weeks ago • updated by carla 3 weeks ago 1

My entries are not saving. I have typed today’s three times and every single time after I press the green arrow the entry is simply not there. I paid for the app a couple of days ago, I’m using v.1.7.7 on and iPhone 6 Plus. It does the same thing with entries with or without pictures. 

Sometimes I get a little circle in the top centre on the screen, like something was loading but then nothing happens.


How can I restore entries from the old app

vincent 4 weeks ago • updated by carla 3 weeks ago 1
Under review

Red notifications

bloxbox 4 weeks ago • updated by carla 4 weeks ago 1

Hi I’ve got notifications on iPhone X but all is up to date