Mojo doesn't ask me to import gratitude history

Eli 3 years ago updated by carla 3 years ago 4

I haven't used gratitude journal in a while, but now that I have updated my phone, I've rediscovered it and switched to Mojo. Unfortunately after signing up with either twitter, Facebook or email, the app never asks me to import my history. I'm sure I never used a different email address. 

Any ideas for a solution? 

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Hi Elaine -

I'm sorry to hear this! How long has it been since you used Gratitude? If it's been before 2015, your entries won't be there. They were saved on your phone at that time. And when you deleted your app, your entries deleted too. In late 2015 I introduced the login feature so your entries were stored in the cloud. If it was after 2015, then it's a matter of matching your login details. 

Sometimes there's a typo in the email address that you used in the original Gratitude. Unfortunately, it's nearly impossible for me to look up your login details, I'm afraid.

I wish I could be more helpful!



Thank you so much for your reply Carla! 

I have used the app after 2015, but I think I never made an account. Somehow I never used it consistently and probably never got round to it.  

Most photos I used are saved anyway, so I'll just start "fresh" with the mojo app. 

Again, thanks for the answer. It gives peace of mind to have a reason for missing entries. :) 

Keep up the good work! 

Fresh starts are the BEST...cause we're moving forward, not back.