Emoji confusion

Quenton 3 years ago updated by carla 3 years ago 1

Hello Carla.  I have downloaded the app and I love it.  However, I'm confused with the emojis.  Whenever I add a gratitude and click on the icon, 5 emojis appear.  When I click on the emoji that I want, it doesn't add it to the gratitude.  When I add a picture and save the gratitude the emoji appears underneath the picture.  Also, when I click the icon, the set of 5 emojis constantly change.  Can you help?  Thanks.


The emojis are to reflect your mood for the day and you are using them exactly right. Just tap on them. If you want different, close and tap again. They will appear under any photos you add to an entry. If you don't add a photo, they don't appear.