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Lists disappearing

mtpennycooke 3 years ago updated by carla 3 years ago 5

hi there:

I log entries every night as part of my evening routine. Twice recently when I have gone to enter I found the previous day's entry is gone. It happened on June 11th and on June 5th. Am I missing something to ensure that my entries stick around? I am 100% certain I recorded entries on both days and now they are gone. Thanks for your help so I don't lose any entries going forward. Thank you. 

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Have you updated the app recently? See, there are 2 journal views. It used to default to the "Grid" view...If you didn't add a photo to your post, it wouldn't show in this view. So I updated the app and now it defaults to "List" view. This shows everything. 

Carla :)

I have updated the app and the entries are missing from the List view and from the calendar.

Not a bug

Do you add a photo to your entries? If not, please do so. Thanks!

I'm not clear why I have to add photos? I don't typically take pics to capture my moments of gratitude as they are small moments in the day. Are you saying adding pictures will keep my posts from disappearing? 

You don't HAVE to add photos. Just make sure you update the app. Thanks!