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Reminder bug

trish 1 year ago • updated by carla 1 year ago 1

Can't switch reminders on without being thrown out of app  😁

Under review

Only imports a few old entries! I have 100s since 2009

M Dayal 1 year ago • updated by carla 1 year ago 1


I've enjoyed this app for nearly 9 years.  I have hundreds of entries. 

Life has been crazy since 2016 as I was diagnosed with colon cancer (at 35!).  I've been using the new app since 1/2016. 


I never realized all my entries didn't sync.  Until today

It only imported back to 2015 and then it stopped I've read every post here. Tried open/close, "Fix Gratitude Entries" nothing worked

I have only ever had one login and imported from that.

This app has helped me thru the most difficult points in my life with hope.  Its helped me heal. 

Please Help! I am most grateful. 


Refund please

lucyrewilliams 1 year ago • updated by carla 1 year ago 1

Hi this keeps crashing. Please can I have a refund. Not interested in waiting weeks for a fix as I just wanted to use this starting right now for a month.

Under review

App not available offline

Jessica 1 year ago • updated by carla 1 year ago 1

Hi. I was away this weekend with no

Signal and wanted to submit things to the gratitude journal. It wouldn't allow me. Please make submissions possible offline or tell me what I am doing wrong. Thanks


Import didn't work

Vic 1 year ago • updated by carla 1 year ago 2

I purchased the new Gratitude app, created a new account with my old login, the app asked me if I wanted to import my old entries and I said yes. It looked like it was working and I left the app open so it could continue importing, but when I checked back later in the app there weren't any old entries. Any suggestions? Hate to lose everything after paying again.

Under review


dawnyk74 1 year ago • updated by carla 1 year ago 1

Is there an option to choose different fonts and font colors?!


Change location

capineau 1 year ago • updated by carla 12 months ago 3

sometimes I do an entry a day later, but then my location might have changed. How can I modify my location from the auto location?

PS - I love this app!


Reminders pop up and then go away

Chrisk 1 year ago • updated by gymboreeshane 1 year ago 1

hey there. I love receiving the prompts and encouraging messages from this app but if I'm not looking at my phone when it pops up every day and it goes away and I cannot get it back. How do I resolve this? Sometimes there is even a little red Number one on the app icon saying I have a notification but then when I click on it I can't find it. If you could help me figure this out I would appreciate it. Thanks very much. Love this app


I got them back! THANKS!

floorvanderzee 1 year ago • updated by carla 1 year ago 2

hi Carla,

My old entries are imported! Thanks!