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Only imports a few old entries! I have 100s since 2009

M Dayal 3 years ago updated by carla 3 years ago 1


I've enjoyed this app for nearly 9 years.  I have hundreds of entries. 

Life has been crazy since 2016 as I was diagnosed with colon cancer (at 35!).  I've been using the new app since 1/2016. 


I never realized all my entries didn't sync.  Until today

It only imported back to 2015 and then it stopped I've read every post here. Tried open/close, "Fix Gratitude Entries" nothing worked

I have only ever had one login and imported from that.

This app has helped me thru the most difficult points in my life with hope.  Its helped me heal. 

Please Help! I am most grateful. 

Under review

Have you tried all of these:

1. close the app completely and reopen

2. delete the app and reinstall it

3. make sure you have the right login details...often people have 2 accounts and don't know it!

Try those and let me know how you get on.