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Hi Mike -

I already fixed this and am just waiting for Apple to release the update. It should happen sometime today!

Carla :)

I noticed that if the emoji is the LAST item on your list, then it doesn't display...but it works if text is the last thing...Please test this out and send me screen shots of what you get.

So, for example.

1. text text (emoji) text

2. text text 


1. text text text

2. text text (emoji)

It won't work in the second example...please confirm, ok?


Hi Justine...I LOVE THIS!! So powerful!!

You can email and text your entry!!

After you're done writing, and BEFORE you save it...tap the "Share" button on the compose toolbar (just above the keypad)'s the last button...

Now, we can't add the photos automatically (I'm working on that!!)...but the text will be there...

Secret....I'm planning to add BUDDIES this you can share IN the app! #highfive



Thanks for your message!

1. create a NEW account with Gratitude using the same details you used in the old app

2. if it matches the details in your old account, the "import" window will appear

3. you can import now or go to the Settings screen later to import

4. if you don't get the import window, then your new login details don't match your old ones.

5. delete the account and try again with different details.

The login details are encrypted so I can't look up your login from the old app (fyi)

Thanks for getting Gratitude!!!


Hi Jan

Yes, that is a BIG goal of mine! I'm working on funding and talent right now...wish me luck!!


Unfortunately that isn't a feature just yet! But I'm working on it. 

You can use your iPhone Reminders app....not as good, but at least it's something!

Thanks for getting Gratitude!!!!


Hi Lauren  

No, this isn't available. I had it once and it was super buggy.

But you can add later and change the write in a journal then sit down later and add to you gratitude app..doubly powerful!!!


I'm sorry to hear that! Can you share more details? How many entries do you have (check out settings...right under your profile pic)? What device are you using? What version of the app? Lastly, can you send a screen shot?


Carla xxx

Update: I found the issue and am working on it. A fix will be available soon!!


Hi Danielle -

the notification goes away when you create a post. It's a reminder to write. :)

I'm working on improving this though. Thanks so much!!