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My old entries are not showing here and I am so upset. They meant a lot .

ferryla 3 years ago updated by carla 2 years ago 6
Under review

Do you mean the entries from the OLD gratitude app? Or entries you created with the NEW gratitude app awhile ago? 


I have missing entries from the old app too. From several years ago. Is there a way to retrieve them or are they gone? They sure would be fun to have back.

Several years ago entries were stored on your phone. The old app only has entries as far back as 2015. If you create a new account in the new Gratitude app using the same details you used in the old Gratitude app, you can import any entries that were saved in the cloud. So "sign up", not "log in"...and use the exact same details. Then you can import.

Carla :)

hi Carla,

The migration went fine (missing a couple op pictures but most of it was there). Then I got a new inphone X and now i try to link my twitter account were all the entries are linked to and when I login it doesn’t send me back to the app. I tried it several times over the last couple of months. 

It has entries since 2011. 

Please let me know what i can do. 



My apologies for the delayed reply! Just to be sure...have you updated the app in the last week or so?


Update: I found the issue and am working on it. A fix will be available soon!!