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Text emoji’s not showing

Sarah Van Dee 2 years ago updated by carla 2 years ago 8

Hi Carla! Since yesterday when I add an emoji (from the phone keyboard, so not your photo emoji’s) to a text entry it doesn’t show. I only see a question mark or a blanc space. It used to work fine, I use them to embellish my text entries 

Under review

Have you updated the app? Can you see if it's still happening? If so, what version of iOS & iPhone do you have?

Thanks for letting me know! It's working fine for me...but that doesn't mean it works for everyone...so let's see what's happening!


Hi! I’ve updates and it’s still a problem. I have IOS 11.2.6

Btw, I can see the emoticon in the post, but not I when I look in the ‘overview’

Hi Carla! The  problem is still there, I can’t add any emoticons to my text posts. Did you find out what the issue is? 🙃

That's odd...what version of iOS and iPhone do you have? I can't recreate this issue...so I'll need more details.



Hi Carla I have iPhone 6s and I am having the same issue. Everything is up to date and I press on the emoticons to add to my journal entry and they won’t appear once I have touched it. I have tried all kinds of this and nothing. 

And I have version 11.3 iOS

I noticed that if the emoji is the LAST item on your list, then it doesn't display...but it works if text is the last thing...Please test this out and send me screen shots of what you get.

So, for example.

1. text text (emoji) text

2. text text 


1. text text text

2. text text (emoji)

It won't work in the second example...please confirm, ok?