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Errors when adding entries - speech recognition

Ricky 3 years ago updated by carla 3 years ago 7

I dictate my entries using the iOS speech recognition option. Every day I add an entry and some of my list items disappear from view and only reappear if I manually type.  Or they duplicate without me wanting them too.  And when I have finished a dictation and go to edit it manually, the text is unresponsive to letting me choose an edit point or select auto-correct suggestions. 

Under review

Thanks for letting me know! I never use dictation so wasn't aware. I'll certainly look into fixing this!

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mine does this but I don’t use dictation. I will be entering my entries and hit enter and it will copy it to 1 or more entries. When I try to delete it it erases the whole thing. Push enter it comes back the same way ( with it on mutiple lines.) I Try closing it complety and do it again but it still does it.  It has been doing it a lot lately.  I love this app and would love to have this problem fixed. 😁

Be sure to update to the latest version. This has been addressed by my developers. Let me know if it still happens...but it should be fixed!

I have the latest version and posts definitely duplicate still I'm afraid. 

Can you share a video reproducing the error? I've tested this 1000000 times and never can get it to repeat. So you're doing something I'm not and I'll need to know what that is in order to fix it.


i’m Having the same issues.  It duplicates when I hit enter after finish entry #2.  

Hi Zilka - thanks for letting me know! Just to confirm, you've updated to the latest version, correct?