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Iphone x update please!

meryumoglu 3 years ago updated by carla 3 years ago 5
Under review

YES!! Thank YOU!! I'm working on it right now!

Carla :)

Carla, after last update, if I go back to edit my post to add more gratitudes, I can’t even properly see the place I need to type. Hence, I have only once chance to write gratitude per day now. Could you please fix sizing issue asap so the app usable. I prefer you keep one size like iphone 4s compatibility so all sizes work at least and hopefully release one iphone size at a time? Thank you so much in advance!

Yes! That's coming in the next release. It's top of the list. Thank you for your patience as i know how frustrating it is! 


Thanks Carla! Looking forward to the update for the iPhoneX. I will  continue to use what features I can for now.

Yes!! I'm working on it! I'm discovering all sorts of updates that will take some redesign. Sorry this isn't a one-day turn around. But it's coming. I promise. :)