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Export problem

Nancy 3 years ago updated by carla 3 years ago 4

When I set up my new acct it said there was info to export from my old acct. However the info did not appear. I tried doing a separate export for a short timeframe and nothing by came up. I tried logging out and lost going back in and that didn’t work either. My old entries had pics and entries. If I delete the new acct and start over would that work or will it delete the old entries (that aren’t visible). 

Under review

How old are the entries you're trying to export, Nancy? It sounds like the link between the pictures and the entries didn't get ported over...this happened to my journal as well...I simply edit those entries and add the photos back. It's a great way to review my life...but this isn't ideal so I'm working on a fix.

Yes, if you delete your account, you'll delete your entries.

Nothing came over after it asked me if I wanted  to import entries.

The entries were fairly old.  Not sure how many years old.

Old data is hard to keep consistent with new technology. So if it's really old, it just might not be in a state what works with the latest and greatest...it's a bit like trying to get Model T wheels to work on a new Maserati....in the day, those wheels were amazing because it was all new and stuff...but now we moved on so much, they just don't fit anymore.