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KateT 3 years ago updated by carla 3 years ago 3

Hello, I have followed the instructions to export all my entries to a PDF but it's not working. I just get the circle of dots looking like something is happening but they stay for ages and nothing happens. Please can you help me export the entries? 

Under review

Thanks for getting in touch, Kate. It's most likely that your date range is too big. Please try smaller date ranges & multiple PDF's. They take awhile to build!

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Thank you, doing smaller dates worked. However on some of them the pictures just appear as thin stripes instead of the full picture?

Thanks for letting me know! Is there anything in common with the dates that have stripes? Like...same number of pictures? Older entries? Longer entries? If there's a pattern, I can find the issue a lot easier....so anymore details would be great!

Thank YOU....!!!