Not a bug

Previous entries didn’t migrate over!

Mary 3 years ago updated by carla 3 years ago 8

Hi Carla, I’ve finally just purchased your new app today, created a new account and followed the directions...it said my previous entries were being transferred over, but they were not :(  Please please help

I was able to fix it through the “fix Gratitude entries” section within the app finally!  So grateful—thank you!

Not a bug

Great! Glad it's all working!



Where is the fix  gratitude entries  section?

Nancy - trying logging out and back in again. Or reinstalling the app. 

Let me know if you still have problems.


I tried both of those things multiple times and neither worked.

What are you trying to fix? Did your entries not all import? If that is the case, you most likely have 2 logins...so try logging out and creating a new account with different login details. Your login details have to match to the old app.


My log in details matched because it told me I had old entries to import. It just didn’t import them. This is such a shame since my mom passed away two weeks ago and I was trying to recapture some of my scribed memories of her. makes me want to return to old fashioned paper journal. 

I'm sorry about your mom. Please keep writing...when my dad passed away I thought I was going to die....that's when I discovered gratitude and it changed my life...so please, keep trying to find the good in each day!