Keeps crashing

sarahemily1702 3 years ago updated by carla 3 years ago 8
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Have you tried deleting the app and reinstalling it?

Or when is it crashing? Please share more details if you can.


my app also keeps crashing, every time I click on the pencil symbol to edit an entry

 The last time I used it, it also randomly reprinted my entries over and over again, which prevented me entering any new points on my Gratitude journal 

I am new to iOS iPad, so please give more information as to how to delete and reinstall. Surely I will have to pay for it again if I do that? Thank you-Sally

Oh goodness no...you won't have to buy it again. Just hold down on the app and when it wiggles with the little black "x", tap the "x" to remove it. Then go to the App Store and download it again. When it asks you to create an account, select "yes" and "log in" (do not "sign up")...use the same details you used before to login.

Any problems, let me know!



I just bought the app yesterday and as soon as I did the most recent ios update it crashes wvery time I open it. Can you help? 


Try logging out and back in again first. If that doesn't work, delete the app and download it again!


Hey Carla

Tried both these and nothing. I press add, add some photos and then go to type and it repeatedly crashes.

OK...update in a couple of days!


I found the issue...it's with the photo permissions....updating just sent to Apple so you should get it VERY soon!