Change location

capineau 3 years ago updated by carla 3 years ago 3

sometimes I do an entry a day later, but then my location might have changed. How can I modify my location from the auto location?

PS - I love this app!


When you compose an entry, there is a toolbar above the keypad. It has a location button. Tap it to change the location from the default to something different.




App LOCATION  says  Hilton Head NC, I’m in Miami FL. Clicking Location Settings  link doesn’t work,  does nothing. When attempting to manually change app location in settings, there are 2 options Photos and Siri, no Location. LOVE THIS APP, but I’ve lost previous entries due to previous updates. This last update imported fine👍🏼 Please help with LOCATION thing. Thank you😉

Have you allowed location on the app? If not, it will say Hilton Head...best bet is to just delete and reinstall to reset everything...you won't lose your data if you log in with the same details.

Any problems, let me know!

Carla :)