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one day is missing

lou 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 2

dear carla, i really love the new design of the app. since the beginning of august i count my blessings daily and i just realized that august 11 is missing in my list. actually it's shown in the grid and list view, with pictures and text and emoji but not in the calendar view. the whole entry is there but doesn't show.  i also have a notification sign on the app button in the home screen but i have no idea why. can you help?

thanx a lot! 

Under review

Hi Lou

I'm sorry to hear the image isn't overlaying in the calendar...but the good news is that it's in your journal. I'll see if there's an issue with the calendar screen. 

The notification is from the Reminders feature. Have you updated the app lately? The reminders was recently enhanced. If it's still there, then try closing the app completely or just reinstalling it. Your data will still be there if you log in with the same details.



thank you so much carla for your help. it's all good now and it's just a pleasure using this wonderful app! thank you!