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Bug while entering the reminder

krullenmail 3 years ago updated by carla 3 years ago 4

when i set up the reminder, gratitude is closing down. Does anyone else have this problem too?


Under review

I'm sorry you're experiencing this issue. Have you tried reinstalling the app? You won't lose your entries...just log in with the same details.

good luck,


I have the same issue on iPhone 5s.

There's no done button so when I set the time and go back the app shuts down. 

I tried reinstalling. Still not working. 

That's right. I have the iphone 5s too. I didn't  try to reinstall it yet. I postponed it everytime because I don't know yet how to do this. But I understand that it still doesn't work, anyway.

Thanks for letting me know it's on the iPhone 5S. I'll add this to my fix-it list. You guys are the best!