Month not showing

Sarah1982 3 years ago updated by carla 3 years ago 8

Hi there! The app has stoppen showing my entries from June 27th But only in the photo overview. I can see them when I choose the other (let's say) text option...

It's even worse, he's mixing up my June & July pictures... my OCD cannot handle this 😉

Under review

Have you updated the app? If so, are you viewing the LIST view or the GRID view?



By grid view you mean the photo overview? And the app says I'm using version 1.7.2

On the journal screen, there is a button on the top right corner that let's you switch between grid view and list view. By default, it shows List view. But you can change the default  to Grid view in Settings. The grid view only shows entries with photos. 

Have you tried reinstalling the app? You won't lose your entries.


I have it on list view by default, but I use the grid view also because I love seeing all my photos all at once :)

The list view is in chronological order, but the grid view is messing things up. 

I will try reinstalling the app....

YES! Reinstalling did the trick, it's showing my photos chronologically again! Thank you. I really love this app.


I understand. The grid view only works if you have images with all of your entries. That is why list view is the default. Thanks for your messages!

That is such great news! Thanks for letting me know! And thank you for those kind words. You are the best!!