Android Version

svnakama 3 years ago updated by carla 3 years ago 5

Hi -  I have been a user of the gratitude journal for a while now and have loved it. This new one looks even more fun and I am excited to use it. I was wondering though, if you will ever make an Android version of your Mojo app? 

Under review

I get requests for Android every day!  I love it. As soon as I get funding which I'm working on now. 

Thank you so VERY much!

Carla :)

so if we were using Android we are going to loose our data then?


If you had an iPhone and had Gratitude, then yes. I don't have an Android version...but am working on trying to get funding so I can build one!


please Kickstart fund an android version!! 

I'm actually trying to raise Angel investing for a new iPhone & Android version....it's close but TONS of work...my dream will happen..I know it!