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Iphone keyboard wont go down- can’t even log in

marjolkaaa 3 years ago updated by MaryAnn 3 years ago 2
Under review

I'm sorry about this. You're using the new iPhone X, right? I'm working on all the fixes for that phone right now. I hope to release next week...along with other improvements.

I wish it was faster!!


FYI. Just had the same thing happen. iPhone 8 Plus. 

I had your prior app, but decided that I would just create a new one and not worry about importing. When I downloaded your app, and chose to sign up using my email address. The next screen that had me put my first last email password in would not let the keyboard go away so I could not register.

Here’s a funny thing, I did find a workaround. (Helpful having testing in my background) 

That was, go back to the original opening of the app and you can see there was the three dots underneath sign up that indicated there was tips that you wanted us to review. Once I went through all of the tips and those screens I then was able to go to sign up and the next page which looked just like  The prior first last email and password this time the keyboard did go away and the register button was available for me to register.