Not a bug

No internet connection found

Evelyn 3 years ago updated by carla 3 years ago 3

Every time I try to log in, it says there is no internet connection. WiFi is on and so is mobile services. there is no way for me to log in. Please help. 

Not a bug

Hi Evelyn -

Perhaps you need to restart your device. This only happens if your device isn't connected to the internet. It will never appear otherwise. If you're still having problems, let me know.


I used to have an iphone 6 and I thought it was a phone issue. Now I have new iphone X and its still the same problem. The old version of the app used to work great. Once I transferred my entries, I started having this issue and I have not been able to log on since. I have restated the device. I dont think this is a device issue.

Yes, I know...I'm working on an update for the new X layout. Hopefully in the next week!!