Not a bug

Embedded Photos are NOT sent when list is shared

Chris Baldwin 3 years ago updated by carla 3 years ago 4

Asked this about a year ago; still not fixed. 

When a photo has been added to a gratitude list, that photo is not sent when the list is shared via text/iMessage. The list is sent, but not the photo. 

The previous app would send that photo along with the list. 

Will this be fixed?

Under review

If it was a simple fix, I would have done it. :) Unfortunately, Apple, Facebook and Twitter restrict what is shared...and photos is one of those things. I'm trying to find work arounds, but it's not that straight forward. le sigh...

Ok thanks Carla. So this is due to newer restrictions from Apple? Because at one point (previous version, 12-2015) it did work. 

Yes, it did work before. It's restrictions by Facebook and Twitter and Apple. They want to make their customers happy, not mine. :) So that means I have to go without features so their customers feel more protected. But I'm trying to find a great way to work around this. It's just not that straight forward so it's a little bit of effort.