App bugs

iman_deberry 3 years ago updated by carla 3 years ago 7

please fix all of the bugs with the app. I have had so many issues recently. When I click enter it is copying the previous item over to a new bullet. It takes forever to try to delete it and finish my list. It’s driving me crazy and makes me what yo stop using it all together!

Under review

Thanks for your feedback. What are the other bugs? Is there just the one...repeating lines? Or are there others? Please let me know so I can resolve them.


It does it every time I post. I click enter and t copies the post above over and over again. Then it takes several tries of going back and inside the app to delete the copied text and finish my post.

OK...so it's just the duplicate...I wanted to make sure. This got resolved but there's a little tweak I still need to release. Coming this week!!


hey, the same thing is happening for me. I.T just copies my last post and repeats the post over and over again. 

I am also unable to delete the posts which are duplicated. It’s super annoying. 

I love the gratitude app. Just want it to function properly. 

The issue still isn’t fixed. 😬😬


We looked into this some more and BELIEVE it's resolved. A new update is on the App Store. Please download it and let me know if the issue still exists. Thanks so much for your patience!